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alerting & coaching about data leaks.

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Market-leading web application for ID safety and analysis.

Longest experience within allocating stolen data and the greatest content used for analysis for identifying new breaches on the Nordic market.

A continuous awareness raiser by educating people to adopt a safer behavior.

Legally Compliant
Legally Compliant

Compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is the harmonized regulation within Europe in handling consumer & customer data. Compliant with strict rules and regulations set by PCI Security Standards Council created to increase controls around cardholder and reduce credit card fraud.


Customer and leaked data stored in separate databases. Sensitive data always encrypted or hashed. Access to information restricted to internal key personnel. Customers isolated in private environments with separation of system and database.

However you like it

API: You can choose to access and integrate our platform into your own channels to keep track of threats and get alerts.
White Label: Use our already developed channels and brand them with your logo. Co-brand: If you want to market quickly, use our co-branded solution.

Easy to integrate
Easy to integrate

Closely working with you, we help you launch within a few weeks. We help and support you with everething from the go-to-market plan, branding and communication to integration, deployment and support.



A top-of-the-line solution built on human intelligence, made for protecting your assets.
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