We believe every person and corporation should be protected and insured against data breaches - just like you insure your other property, whether it’s your home, business, jewellery, assets or life.

Internet is a part of everyone’s life today. And in this global village that internet has created, crime still exists, unfortunately.

Your data is your home, it’s your valuables, assets, it’s your business and life. It’s yours and it should stay yours.

Defentry gives you control of your own data. Be your own hero.



Defentry is a Swedish cybersecurity company constantly combating ID thefts and hacked accounts.

We have developed a platform that enters the dark net and deep web and scans it. As soon as our AI technology finds any of your data out on the black market, we alert you. That way, you can quickly change passwords or block your credit card, and proactively prevent an ID theft, breach, hacked account or stolen assets.

We’ve been there; We have had our identities and credentials stolen, we have had our accounts hacked, our credit scores affected. It’s a nightmare. We need to support our reactive officials and security companies by being the proactive partner. Your security is our success.